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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tampere will get new velodrome in a few years time. Their local newspaper Tamperelainen wrote that its going to be built between 2014-2015. Location will be at Mustavuori skicenter, about 9 kilometers from the city central. It will be internationally competitive 250 meter track and it costs around 500.000 euros. We cannot wait to see the plans, because the old velodrome is not ridable. Not even close. TAMPERE WE SALUTE YOU!


  1. I wouldn't hold my breath. A highway tunnel or yet another underground parking lot will most likely drain the city out of money and suddenly the 500 000e are gone.
    Anyway, Mustavuori is quite a nice place to ride a bike. At least the Dirt track used to be quite crazy and the DH seems to get more popular every year.

  2. You never know Jens. At liest they have a tangible plan. As you may read in helsinki we don´t. It´s perfect on paper but that´s it. I guess that´s why the "Malmi-project" does not go anywhere.