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Monday, August 8, 2011


After last weekends Polo Championship there ain´t much time to rest, ´cause it seems to be a good month for a bike events.  On saturday 20th there will the KOF (King Of Fixed) at Helsinki. On a same day there´s a change to see a worldclass BMX biking when Simple Summer Session hits the Narinkkatori in helsinki city center.

A week after KOF there will be the Formal Friday at tampere. So tell you mama to start ironing your dress shirts and trousers!

Helsinki olympic velodrome is still dry, and morning Yksivaihde velo breakfasts are still running.

Every monday there will be polo session at Väiski. On wednesdays Keskarit (place changes every week).

And last for those who been wondering when Critical Masses are held, here´s the link for the event on facebook.

From today you will find all the events based in Finland on a right panel off the blog. If there´s something that I have forgot and should be on a list, give me a mail. For the international followers; international events are welcome too!

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