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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What kind of lock you have? Have you ever considered to get a proper one? One of the most stolen bikes at the moment here in finland is Helkama Jopo. There were 40 Jopo´s stolen between april and july even just in Etelä-Karjala (east side of finland). In fact it seems to be the most stolen bike in this year. Jopo has a basic frame lock!!! So where I am getting with this is simple; PLEASE buy a proper lock, or shut the F up! Here´s a textbook example of what kind of lock you should not use (The green bike). I took this pic earlier today right in the city central.

And if it is too hard to decide what kind of lock to buy. The most simplist choice is the Kryptonite Mini-U (As on my bike in a pic). Those are tough enough and in a good price range. Prices starts from 40€. If you need more protection there´s always that New York version. Just remind that it weighs a ton on your hip. If you want to save some money, go with the On Guard Bulldog. It cost a half of Kryptos.

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